Eat Smart

Go Greek!

by Lindsay Barton, blogger

Tired of plain yogurt? Sick of sorting through mountains of Yoplait and Light and Fit to find your favorite brand? Try Greek yogurt instead! This thicker and creamier alternative to regular yogurt will have your taste buds begging for more.

The amount of protein in Greek yogurt trumps the amount in regular yogurt—it contains about twice as much. The extra dose of protein will keep you feeling satisfied longer so you won’t be tempted to overindulge later. Greek yogurt boasts about 13-20 grams of protein, whereas regular yogurt contains only 5-10 grams. Many consumers are looking for products with less sodium. Greek yogurt has up to 50 percent less sodium, without sacrificing taste. Counting carbs? Turn to Greek yogurt to save the day! With nine grams per cup, it will definitely put your serving of Dannon to shame.

In order to make Greek yogurt, whey is strained off, giving the yogurt its thick texture. The majority of natural sugar is removed during this process, giving Greek yogurt half the sugar of unsweetened, non-fat yogurt. Because Greek yogurt is minimally processed and not heat-treated, it is packed with essential bacteria that can improve intestinal health. A 6-ounce serving can provide 20 percent of your daily calcium requirements.

Greek yogurt has a variety of uses, especially in desserts, recipes and smoothies. Its thick texture has made it a popular substitute for milk and sour cream in baking. You can find numerous flavors of Fage and Chobani Greek yogurt almost anywhere. Plain, sweetened, or with fruit and honey, Greek yogurt is a nutritious addition to any eating plan!