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Skip the Massage—Roll out!

by Brittany Fuino, blogger

Ever gotten a deep tissue massage?  Me neither. Anyone who has experienced a sports-related injury knows that they can wreak havoc on your training routine.  Many of these injuries, especially for distance runners, can be prevented with sports massage therapy.  Sounds like a bogus excuse to get a massage, right?  Not so much.  A good massage therapist can break up and relieve sore muscle knots—so worth it, but so pricey.   No matter how much I begged my mom to let me get one this summer to treat my IT band injury, using my savvy student research skills to send her article after article to support my request, she would. not. budge.  I was stuck!

Enter the foam roller, also known as your new best friend at the gym.

Maybe you’ve seen the big black rollers they recently put in most of the fitness centers on campus and wondered, ‘What’s that giant rolling pin doing in a place like this?”  Offering free massages, of course!

The foam roller is a great tool to use in conjunction with your own body weight in treating and preventing many sports injuries.  Just like a massage therapist, the roller breaks up tough muscle knots and achy sore spots on your body.  It can be painful if you roll over a trigger spot, but that means it’s working!

Check out these  three basic rolling techniques from Running Times, and try them out after your next workout.  You should spend around 60 seconds preforming each one.  Just don’t forget to still stretch!

Do you use a foam roller? Have any tips or additional moves for WTH readers?  Share your experiences below!