Feel Great

In The Gym: Alexander and Christian

by Lauren Teng, fitness blogger

It’s two weeks from spring break and Syracuse is still pretending it’s the arctic. If you’re anything like me, midterm exams and projects haven’t been as bitter as continuing to schlep around a backpack full of books already loaded down with layers of coats.  Lumbering around with all of this tends to send my eyes down to avoid the swirling snow and shoulders up towards my ears in some involuntary attempt to stay warm.

So spotting Alexander and Christian working with shoulder rolls and weights seemed the perfect remedy to Hunch Back of Notre Dame style knots and tension.

To begin, grab some weights like the boys. Not only will this actually help you with alignment and strengthening your muscles correctly, it’ll help you either bulk up or get cut. Hit a higher rep number for your sets with lower weight to define, and switch it to build muscle.

Christian advises firmly holding onto the weights, not so your hands and arms are flush to and touching your sides, but rather at a slight angle out. Think about first lifting your shoulders up to your ears, rolling them back and down and picture your rib cage closing in front. This should start you out in the proper position. From here roll it out again, forward and backwards. Always think about keeping your spine extending up through the top of your head and down through the bottom of your tailbone, while your shoulders do the work moving up and down.

Breathe in through your nose on your roll up and exhale through your mouth coming down.

Keep calm and carry on! The relief this exercise will bring to your shoulder, plus the upkeep it will do for your posture, will keep you feeling tall and confident. Eighteen more inches of snow? No problem.