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Cheers and Jeers

by Laura Jungreis, blogger

Cheers to…

Eggs, which are higher in vitamin D and lower in cholesterol than previously believed.  The US Department of Agriculture attributes the change in part to a recent improvement in hen feed.  Get more details here.

Birth control, which is no longer believed to be linked to increased risk of heart attack.  Studies of more than 1,800 women from age 16-44 compared women on progestin-only birth control to women taking no hormones.  There was no evidence of increased risk of heart attack for the women on the pill.  Learn more about the study here.

Jeers to…

Salty snacks, for almost immediately affecting blood vessels’ ability to widen.  A study recently published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition describes how even people with normal blood pressure are quickly affected by salt.  The study gave 16 adults about a cup of tomato soup, half with a higher dose of salt.  The arteries of those who consumed the high salt serving widened only about half as much as those who ate the low salt soup.  Read more about the study here.

USC University Hospital, for giving a man the wrong kidney during transplant surgery.  The hospital voluntarily shut down its kidney transplant program after the error and reported that the man was not harmed because the kidney was type O, and thus universally acceptable.  Read more about the mix-up here.