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Ask NEPA: Craving Control

by Alyssa Resnick, NEPA

In our newest series, the Nutrition Education and Promotion Association chapter at SU breaks down some common health questions with their expert advice.

I’m craving the worst food possible—cupcakes, chocolate, french fries—how can I stop myself from overeating?

Being able to control cravings is a very difficult thing to do.To get your head off of your craving, try taking a nice stroll outside with a loved one or yourself and clear your mind. If it’s cold out, do a few laps around the house. You could also try doing crunches for five minutes every time you get the cravings; if you still have the craving do another set of five minutes and by then your craving should go away.

Or, drink a full glass of water, and wait five minutes and see if you still are hungry. Many times cravings are set off because your dehydrated, a lot of people think they are hungry so they over eat, but many times your body is just thirsty instead.

Having a major chocolate craving? The best way to overcome it is to drinkso diet hot chocolate. You still get your chocolate fix without all the loaded calories and fat. They sell it at any store, Swiss has a diet one for 25 calories, it is great and delicious! Add a Splenda packet to my cup just to make it a little bit more sweet and ease an intense craving.

The best healthy food for snacking but still satisfying is anything crunchy. It tricks your mind into thinking you’re eating more, mainly because it takes you longer to eat. Statistics have shown that crunchy foods ease cravings. For example you could try, popcorn (adding a little cinnamon on top—makes it so much better!), carrot or celery sticks with a tablespoon of peanut butter, baked chips, a handful of pretzels.

Having an ice cream craving? The best fix for that is yogurt; the probiotics help your tummy out and it is more filling. There are plenty of yogurt flavors that taste just as good as ice cream, just try to make sure they are not loaded in sugar. A smoother is also another great healthy thing to have in place of ice cream. Or, try a smoothie for a boost of fruit and energy.

There are tons of ways to avoid a junk food craving—with luck, you’ll be able to avoid the sugar and fat and still feel satisfied.

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