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5 sweet solutions for a healthy Valentine’s Day

By Elizabeth Holtan, Healthy Monday

Happy Valentine’s Day! Celebrate love, life and your health with some sweetness that won’t overload your body.

Try baked apples or wine-poached pears for an easy, sweet and healthy dessert that will warm you right up. Top it off with a touch of ice cream and it’s a delightful, light end to your meal. Check out these recipes for baked apples and poached pears.

Strawberries dipped in dark chocolate are a luxurious, antioxidant-filled treat. Making them with friends, family or a loved one is a fun–and rewarding–activity. Need a recipe? Try this one for chocolate covered strawberries.

When exactly is chocolate cake good for you? When it’s flourless! Almonds and dark chocolate make for a delectable, filling finish for dinner. You may find that by savoring a smaller amount of richer dessert, it’s more enjoyable. Make this  flourless chocolate cake with your honey.

Try a taste of sweet red dessert wine—it’s also excellent for antioxidants, and with a bit of dark chocolate, the experience can be as rewarding as it is healthy.

After dessert, try bundling up and taking a short evening walk; you’ll feel refreshed, satisfied and guilt-free!

Have a happy, safe and healthy Valentine’s Day!

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