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Allergic to Love/Sex

by Gina Colonette, blogger

First date or first time, Valentine’s Day will be extra special this year. The good thing about the wintertime is you don’t have to worry about your allergies, right? Wrong! Here are some allergies to discuss with your partner before you plan a sexy date-turned nightmare.

Kiss of Death

Food allergies can quickly turn into kissing allergies this V-Day. If your beau thinks he is saving the day by eating all the nutty chocolates, make sure he doesn’t kiss you right after—even if he brushes his teeth. You may run into a case of swollen lips and throat, rashes, hives, itching, and wheezing. **Muah** Happy Valentine’s Day?


  • Have your Valentine avoid eating the food you are allergic to all together.
  • Have a 16-24 hour break in between eating and kissing (long time, I know), says allergist Sami Bahna, MD, ACAAI president.
  • Make sure you both brush your teeth during this break.

Condom Problem

Not latex?! Yes, good ol’ latex can cause redness, hives and itching down there if you have an allergy. That’s no fun, and neither are the cold-like symptoms that may tag along with this allergy. Your neighbors will be asking you to “keep the noise down” because of your coughing and wheezing, not your boisterous sexing.


  • Avoid all latex products.
  • Use a polyurethane or lambskin condom.

Lubricant, No, No’s

Many lubricants contain paraben preservatives, often used in cosmetics; they too can cause an allergic reaction. Sounds like the ultimate in Valentine’s Day don’ts! Side note: If you are prone to yeast infections, you’ll want to stay away from lubricants containing glycerin.


  • Try Paraben-free lubricants—they work just as well, without the uncomfortable side effects.

Take precautions this year and let’s make this V-Day a night your va-jay-jay actually wants to remember.


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