Feel Great

In The Gym: Lyndsay Hollis

by Lauren Teng, fitness blogger

Alright already, enough is enough! It’s time to get back into gear, full force. The best way to do it is to shock your body—carefully, of course.  Try out some new exercises that combine the full body with cardio. You may be surprised not only how sore you are the next day but also how quickly you feel results.

Take Lyndsay Hollis’ amped up take on mountain climbers.  She does your conventional knees to chest exercise from the plank the position, but she ups the difficulty by using a Bosu ball. This is the piece of equipment that looks like half a stability ball with a flat black surface.  By holding on to the sides of the Bosu ball with the flat surface facing up to you, the rocking that will inevitably occur will seriously work your core and arms as your calves and quads are going.

Keep a slight bend in your elbows, keep your shoulders entirely over where your hands are, and think about pulling down your shoulders and lats back and down towards your center.  This will help you avoid hunching as you become fatigued—something that will not only lead to tension and pain the next day but also injury.

Be aware that because of the slight angle at which you’re ‘mountain climbing,’ there will a more concentrated pressure put on your Achilles tendon. Warm up by walking on the treadmill and working up a sweat and be sure to stretch out your calves well before and after the exercise.

Hollis does three sets of 12 mountain climbers—that’s a right-left-right pattern friends, not a single stride. Good luck on your climbing endeavors!