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The Guinea Pig: I try, you buy

by Amanda Waltz, blogger

Double dip

When it comes to chips, double-dipping may be the least of your problems. Salty potato chips already have a bad, but well-deserved, reputation as being unhealthy and not nutritious. Tortilla chips are less greasy and seem better for you, but they’re also high in fat, hydrogenated oils, calories and carbohydrates—even the baked ones still tend to be high in sodium. They only win out because they’re paired with healthier dips (guacamole, salsa)  than their potato brethren (creamy french onion dip).

Luckily, I have found some high quality, delicious all-natural tortilla chips to eat alone or to go with your next nacho platter.

Garden of Eatin’ – Blue Chips (salted and unsalted), $3-4 for 9 oz. bag

Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

My New Year’s resolution is to adopt a low sodium diet – I even signed a petition urging food companies to cut down on the salt they add to their products. It’s great then that these snacks from Garden of Eatin’ come in both salted and unsalted varieties, as tortilla chips tend to be unnecessarily salty. But it’s not the only reason I like them.

I don’t often crave plain tortilla chips. I always have to eat them with something. But the salted variety of Blue Chips stand on their own. They have a great crunchy texture made with flavorful, organic blue corn. They don’t overdo it with the sodium (60mg per serving), so you’re tasting the chip instead of a mouthful of salt.

The unsalted chips are a different story. They’re a little too dry to eat by themselves. However, they do compliment any dish you pair them with, and, like the salted kind, they are sturdy enough to take on anything. These will never break while scooping up hot ooey, gooey queso dip.

The Verdict: A crunchy, healthy good time. Try the unsalted ones with guacamole.

For next week, I’ll be taking on peanut butter, so get your bread and jelly ready.


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