Eat Smart

College Cuisine: Kitchen Necessities for Every College Student

by Alyssa Miron, food blogger

While the Arctic winds and negative degree weather may not excite you to be back at ‘Cuse, there is nothing more warming than seeing all your best friends after a month of break. The first weekend was insane as usual, which was followed by last weekend’s Syracuse vs. Nova game. Evidently half the school is still suffering from a hangover due to the nonstop binge drinking from Friday night to Saturday afternoon. This is only a casualty of getting back into the “work hard, play hard” mentality. So as a result of recovering from this weekend, I’m providing a list of kitchen essentials for those with, or without, a kitchen instead of offering a new recipe. I want everyone to be well equipped in order to avoid those days you open the fridge and nothing is there to eat. Click ahead to find out what necessities you need for your kitchen!

  1. Pasta: Keep your kitchen stocked with at least a few boxes of this stuff because on those late (or lazy) nights you don’t want to have food delivered or spend more than 10 minutes cooking, you’re saved by a box of bowties.
  2. Canned/Frozen Soup: Like pasta, soup is an easy solution to fill an empty stomach. I personally love to buy fresh soups and freeze them for another night (or month), but any soup is the perfect cure for a frigid day.
  3. Salad “Stuff”: When I was growing up, a salad preceded dinner every night. So when I look into the refrigerator, I’m very used to seeing fresh lettuce and stacks of every vegetable possible. Even if you just have some romaine and two veggies, like carrots and tomatoes, this will provide you access to healthy snacks or meals.
  4. Eggs: what’s easier than whipping up delish breakfasts in the morning then cracking open an egg? For a protein boost or a simple snack, there are tons of ways to cook these babies.
  5. Fruit: I love to eat snacks throughout the day and if it weren’t for a fresh apple or banana lying around my room, I’d always reach for the chips and chocolate. Fruit provides us with essential vitamins as well as a perfect fill-me-up in between meals. Many fruit varieties also have high water content, which is one way to fulfill your 8 cups a day requirement.
  6. Condiments: I know this one seems obvious, but if you’re cooking something and don’t have salt, pepper, ketchup or mustard handy, your meal will taste bleak. Even if you’re bringing fries back to your room and you don’t have any ketchup, well, you may as well be eating cereal without any milk.
  7. Bread: a simple loaf of whole grain bread is perfect for sandwiches, toast, or even a helping hand for an upset stomach.
  8. Flour: Even if you’re not the baking type, there will come a time every now and then when you will wish you had a little bag lying around.
  9. Sugar: This, like flour, is a kitchen must-have. You never know when you’ll need it, or if your cute neighbor will stop by to ask for a cup. You can also get bags of sugar substitutes like Splenda®.
  10. Chasers: Everyone has been in the situation where you’re ready to go out for the night, but forgot to buy cans of soda or container of juice. Make sure you have some fruit juice varieties or diet sodas on hand before the weekend comes!