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Achoo! Two wacky cures for your cold

by Erica Fisher, blogger

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It’s the start of a new semester, do you know what that means? You got it—colder weather, more snow and more runny noses. It is already the second week of school and the snow has been coming down nonstop, which means bringing out the chicken soup and tea.

Although there is no real cure for the common cold, there are definitely a few different things that can help distract you from the scratchy throat and the constant sniff. But if you think you’ve tried everything and your cold still won’t go away, try one of these interesting solutions—

For a nasty cough, pop a piece of chocolate in your mouth. There is a certain chemical in the cocoa found in chocolate that helps soothe your throat (A sweet spot for a sick soul).

A little more on the, to put it nicely, grotesque side is a nice helping of Chinese lizard soup… ::insert gagging face here:: Apparently, putting lizard tails in soup with other spices like ginseng, Chinese dates, and yam go really well together and is a remedy for colds. If you are a brave, willing to try something new, and be adventurous while you are sick then that definitely is the right thing for you.


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