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Friday Links

by Marcy Franklin, Online Editor

Happy Friday! Check out the links below to get the latest (and quirkiest) health news.

You may be tempted to crank the heat in the subzero temperatures in Syracuse, but new research from the University College London may have you rethinking your thermostat. The more you shiver and face cold temperatures, the more fat and calories you burn. So if you’re still trying to lose weight, try lowering the heat in your apartment—but don’t freeze! (TIME)

As if it wasn’t hard enough to escape nutrition labels: a new proposal before the federal Tax and Trade Bureau suggests that alcohol bottles start adding nutrition facts. The proposal wants to add calories, carbohydrates, serving size, and alcohol per serving to each new label. (MSNBC)

Ladies, if you’re thinking of cheating on your current boyfriend—a new study from the University of Texas at Austin shows that half of the men surveyed would forgive their girlfriends’ infidelity. The caveat: They would only forgive her if the cheating was with another woman. However, if the situation was reversed, ladies were less likely to forgive their boyfriends if they were cheating on them with another man. (MSNBC)

Remember the days of school lunches in the cafeteria? It wasn’t so long ago for Mrs. Q, a woman working in a Midwest school who blogged about eating school lunches for a school year. Mystery meat aside, she said, not all of the meals were so terrible. (CNN)