Feel Great

Exercise your mind pain-free!

by Ashley Wandishin, blogger

Finals are quickly approaching and the workload is certainly not easing up for anyone. Time is of the essence ,and not many of us have time to head to the gym and have a good workout. Physical exercise is great for improving your mental health, but what about mental exercise? Many do not realize that a healthy mind d is a key component to overall mental health. Exercising the mind can improve memory function and prevent dementia later down the road. So while you’re at the library, here are a couple of fun and harmless puzzles websites to surf when you just can’t read that textbook anymore. Who knows, a Sudoku may even help you pass that final!

If you want more, websites like boatloadpuzzles.com offer crossword puzzles and this website, www.websudoku.com, offers a variety of Sudoku puzzles to your liking. Don’t forget the University has free copies of the Daily Orange, the New York Times, and USA Today to get your puzzle fix as well. Trust me—the study break to play a puzzle or two is well worth it.