Feel Great

How to de-stress this winter break!

by Ashley Wandishin, blogger

This may be torture while you’re in the middle of cramming, but here goes— let’s say that finals are over and you’re enjoying your semester break. A couple of days have passed, and bam—boredom hits! Boredom can be beneficial for your exhausted brains, because it makes you relax. But if you’re really itching to go do something, here’s a couple of suggestions that will be great ways to keep up a healthy and stress-free mind:

  • Check out a local ice skating rinks, or if you’re in a warmer area, try roller-blading. Not only does this great exercise give you a boost of endorphins but it’s a great date idea for that special someone or a group of buddies.
  • Hit up your public library— I know that most of us are living at the library during the school year, but when chaos breaks  loose, the quietness may just be what you need. Curl up on a couch and grab a book; reading keeps the mind fresh, improves your vocabulary usage, and promotes good mindfulness. If you really hate going to the library, take the book (or a movie) back and hang out near the fireplace.
  • Host a Board Game Night. What’s better than grabbing that box of Clue and putting your mind to the test? It’s a great way to bond and catch up with old buddies and takes your eyes off the television or the computer.
  • Make a difference this break and volunteer at your favorite nonprofit. Sometimes, taking your mind off yourself is beneficial, especially for those of you having a tough time. There are plenty of soup kitchens and food pantries that need extra help and hours during the holiday season. Putting in a little elbow grease is not only good physical exercise, but helps you out mentally.

If any of you have more ideas, post them here and share them with the world. What’s better than sharing during the holiday season? Enjoy and have fun with them!