Feel Great

Ditch the guilt and get moving!

by Deandra Modica, blogger

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…well, almost. Papers, projects and exams have been piling up as the semester winds down and working out may be on the bottom of your list.  If you haven’t had time to hit the gym in a while, don’t feel bad! You’re not alone.

Don’t be afraid to head back to the gym either. You may be a bit sore at first but your muscles will pick up right where you left off.  Women’s Health Magazine recently brought attention to “muscle memory” and have provided a workout routine and instructional video to help you train your body for life and “jog your muscles’ memory.”

It turns out that if you establish a history of fitness, the initial pain you feel when you get back into a workout routine isn’t as great. The more exercise you do, the more “muscle memory” you develop, and the easier it will be to kick start your future workouts. So put down the pumpkin pie, schedule in a break from your homework (it will help with the stress!), and get moving—your future self will thank you.