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Friday Links

by Marcy Franklin, Online Editor

Happy Friday! Check out the links below to get the latest (and quirkiest) health news.

On a general note—WTH is taking next week off and will not be posting new posts. But we wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Ladies, you might be proud of yourself that you can outdrink the guys in your life. But the aftermath of binge drinking affects men and women very differently—and your health may be at risk. New research that studied the effects of alcohol on women for decades has found women who binge drink are more prone to liver damage, brain damage, heart disease, and breast cancer. The reason, scientists say, is that women metabolize alcohol differently because of a higher percentage of body fat and less water in their bodies. (MSNBC)

Are you addicted to Facebook? Be careful if you’re prone to asthma attacks—new research from Lancet University has found that the social stress from stalking your ex on FB can trigger attacks. Doctors say they are seeing more stress-induced asthma attacks in young people (MSNBC)

Not only has San Francisco banned toys in Happy Meals, the city has gone even further—an attempt to ban male circumcisions. These “intactivists” say the find it unlawful to circumcise anyone under age 17. (CNN)

Mourning the ban of Four Loko in New York? Mourn with fellow fans with this video of a Four Loko vigil in Union Square. You read that right. (Huffington Post)

If you’re the cook in your family, learn how to avoid the biggest mistakes in preparing your Thanksgiving turkey. (Huffington Post)