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Anything He Can Do…

by Brittany Fuino, blogger

Ever notice how guys tend to make your efforts to get in shape seem like a piece of cake? Maybe you’d rather just eat that cake than bother keeping up.

That being said, I’ll admit I like being female. It’s awesome. But lately I’ve been noticing that guys are on to something when it comes to working out.  No, it’s not deodorant…we still smell better. But when men want to lose a little love chub, they just do it. Women tend to over think and over commit to too many goals at once (think about how long your list of New Year Resolutions was last year….exactly). Doing this only feeds the cycle of self-disappoint when you don’t hit the gym every day, cut out all carbs and ditch the dessert like you swore you would do.  Pretty soon, the only chub you’re saying bye to is that pint of Chubby Monkey ice cream you devoured after starving yourself all day.  Meanwhile, a guy decides he wants stronger arms and voila—two weeks later he’s cracking jokes about buying tickets to the gun show. How do they do it?!

If this is your life in a nutshell, take a look at these tips from Self on “10 Ways to Lose Weight Like a Guy.” And be rest assured- just because you think like a dude, doesn’t mean you have to smell like one!

Do you use any of these tricks already? Which ones actually work? Share your own tips here!


One thought on “Anything He Can Do…

  1. #10 is my favorite tip! “Keep telling yourself that not every day will be a winner but that you will win at weight loss.”
    Thanks for bringing attention to the article.

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