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Friday Links

by Marcy Franklin, Online Editor

Happy Friday! Check out the links below to get the latest (and quirkiest) health news.

Remember the joyful days of Happy Meals as a kid? My personal favorite were the Beanie Babies that came in each (fat and calorie-laden) meal. But those days are over for kids in San Francisco—the city has banned toys with kids’ meals unless they meet certain health standards. A win for childhood obesity statistics, but I’m sure kids in San Fran are whining today. (New York Times)

Can’t live without a shower? You might not be in the norm anymore. More and more people are challenging the standards of personal hygiene, and believe that showering less may lead to better skin. Let’s hope we can still agree to use deodorant. (MSNBC and New York Times)

Ever wonder how Neanderthals, ahem, got it on? Yeah, neither did I. But researchers from Liverpool University found that they were pretty raunchy. They determined this by comparing the length between the ring fingers and fourth fingers, because high sex hormones tend to impact finger length. (Yahoo)

There’s the saying that money can’t make you happy—Dr. Keith Ablow discovers whether that’s really true or not. (Fox News)


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