Eat Smart

Celebrities Love to Munch Down Too!

by Erica Fisher, blogger

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We are all guilty of it–munching down on a bag of chips or popcorn. We always feel bad about ourselves when we look in those magazines and read “I stay away from all carbohydrates: pasta, bread, rice, etc.” Sorry, but I just simply love the taste and always cave in to the salty snacks.

I promise you though, you and I are not alone. Although celebrities are expected to keep their fit body, and toned muscles, there are always the few who help the ordinary people in the world feel normal. Some of the crazy celebrities that are found in this world today have their crazy food cravings too!

First up, we have Barack Obama. Yes, Obama loves his country, and his wife Michelle, and kids Malia Ann and Natasha, but what you didn’t know is, Obama has a secret love—with chili. People have caught Obama chowing down on a chili dog; in fact, on the day of his inauguration rehearsal, Obama was scarfing down  one of them down.

On the opposite side of the celeb-spectrum is the flawless, beautiful, and Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr (Lucky man, Mr. Bloom, keep her close!). Miranda Kerr has proven to us all that she struts with intensity and fierceness, and every woman envies her body, but she has not proven she knows how to chow down, until now. Miranda thrives in her guilty pleasures of fried food, like fried chicken. This 5’9″ super model does not just survive off of salad and water, but spices things up with her love for Southern-American food.

So there you go, there is your proof that you don’t need to just eat salads and water to stay fit. Eat in moderation, splurge once in awhile, and get your munch down!