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In The Gym: Kelly Burda

by Lauren Teng, fitness blogger


Rowing made easy! It doesn’t matter if you haven’t grown up on a lake with the water beneath you; the indoor rowing machines Syracuse gyms are made to provide the ideal cardio and strength training workout.

The key to getting the most benefit, Kelly says, is maintaining correct posture and traveling through the three easy steps she follows and shared with In The Gym:

1) The starting position: Bend your knees so there is a straight line from a knee, down your shin, right to your ankle.  Hold comfortably on to the handle with your palms down.  Imagine a streamlined energy starting in your mid back and shooting out through your head and also in the opposite direction, out the bottom of your spine.  Roll your shoulders back and down to avoid hunching.

2) The pull:  It all starts with your core.  Engage your stomach muscles and continue to think of driving down your latissimus dorsi, the muscles right under your arm pits along the sides of your chest cavity to maintain your posture. Keep your whole upper body intact as you drive with your legs through your heels into the foot plates.  As your legs become straighter, begin to lean your torso back while you pull your hands into your lower ribs with elbows out to the side.

3) The recovery:  The ending position of step two is straight legs, bent arms with a slight lean back.  To finish, think about reversing step two.  While gradually bending your legs, straighten your arms and lean back in to the starting position.

Kelly uses the Erg machine for 15-20 minutes after warming up and stretching out.  Pay attention to the monitor that will be directly in front of you if you’re interested in your speed, and up the workout by increasing the resistance found on the right side of the wheel!