Feel Great

Spice up your gym life

by Brittany Fuino, blogger

We’ve all heard it before— avoid getting yourself into a fitness funk by varying your workout routine. Cross train. Mix it up. Sound familiar? Truth is, it’s easier said than done.  Trying something new requires stepping out of your comfort zone, it requires effort. Who wants to take the time to learn that new workout with a whacky name like “Brazilian butt lift” (and look clueless trying to do it), find out where the pool actually is on campus, or hop on a machine that looks like it came straight out of Transformers? Most of us would rather run on autopilot and do the same thing, day in and day out than tread in unknown territory.  But that gets boring! Spice up your gym life and save your brainpower for class with a few of these easy changes:

Try a different gym
With six fitness centers on campus, there’s no need to be an Archbold cardio queen. If the free weight area there freaks you out, head to Ernie or Brockway—the smaller size is a lot less intimidating, and you won’t run the risk of getting spotted by the hottie from last weekend doing kick-backs on all fours.

Trial and error(proof!)
If you can get off-campus, take advantage of the free trial memberships offered by gyms in your area.  Even if you’re doing the same routine, working out in a new environment can be an exciting change of pace.  They may offer a new class you want to try, and spacing them throughout the semester means cheap thrills all year long!

Be a night owl or an early bird
The spontaneity of being in college is a beautiful thing. You’re not glued to a 9 to 5 schedule, so don’t act like it! Routines are helpful if you’re just getting started, but you’ll quickly run into a rut if you don’t keep your body guessing. If you usually work out at night, try waking up early once in a while.  You’ll have that post-workout buzz to get you through the day rather than breaking the bank at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Play it cool
Nothing could be simpler or more effective than changing your workout music.  With playlists searchable by genre or type of workout, websites like Inthegym.net can appeal to Big Boi and Bieber fans alike. And don’t be predictable—put that thing on shuffle!