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The Guinea Pig: I try, you buy

by Amanda Waltz, blogger

Fruity Scented Moisturizers

We all like to smell good, and if perfume isn’t your thing, then a fragrant lotion will do the trick. The soft skin doesn’t hurt either.

As someone with often dry, sensitive skin, I tend to be picky, so no gift-set lotion off a Macy’s counter will do. That’s why I decided to switch to all-natural as a way to stay away from heavy perfumes, preservatives, artificial colors, and ingredients that promise moisture but really dry you out (mineral oil and alcohol denat among them).

This week, I’m putting the spotlight on fruity scents, because what’s more natural than fruit? (Except for those freaks, Grapples).

Pure and Basic – Fuji Apple Berry

Pure and Basic

While I don’t like eating them, I do like the smell of apples. In this case, Pure and Basic has a sweet kick of fuji apple and summer berries, and they deliver it in an anti-oxidant rich, paraben-free, cruelty-free formula.

I bought this because of the scent and, to my delight, found that it lasts. Impatient consumers might like this fairly cheap product (it averages $5 for a 12 ounce bottle) for its quick absorption.

However, the lotion didn’t keep my skin moisturized. It had a thin, glycerin-like feel and I had to reapply throughout the day.

The Verdict: How do I like these apples? Not too much.

Kiss My Face – Peaches and Creme

If you like smelling like dessert—fresh, delicious dessert straight from Martha Stewart’s wildest fantasies—Kiss My Face has what you’re looking for. The sweet, milky smell of creme mixes in with the summery smell of the peaches, neither one overpowering the other. It reminds me of a cold slice of peach pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Kiss My Face has been in the all-natural game for a long time (I remember using their Olive and Aloe lotion back in high school), and for good reason. They are, as their slogan suggests, “obsessively natural,” using the best ingredients that offer benefits like skin smoothing alpha hydroxy acids. Depending on where you buy it, a hefty 16 ounce bottle costs around $7-12 and lasts for a long time.

The only potential downside is that the thick lotion takes a while to absorb. You’ll be rubbing your hands together for so long, people will think you’re up to something.

The Verdict: So good, you could eat it! (But, please, don’t eat it).

Alba – Papaya Mango Body Cream

Alba always impresses me with the effective ways they combine ingredients. Their Sea Mineral Cleansing Gel worked wonders on my face, and they ratchet up the quality with hypo-allergenic, PH-balanced organic materials.

If only they weren’t so darned expensive!

The 6.5 ounces you get here for an average of $12 seems like a no-go for  the Ramen-for-dinner college set watching their money. But those willing to make the investment will be well rewarded with an ultra-moisturizing body cream that will make you smell like an exotic fruit salad. Unlike most lotions or creams where the main ingredient is water or mineral oil, the main ingredient here is aloe vera gel, giving this selection from Alba rich, healing properties.

However, I became severely disappointed when I saw methyl/propylparaben, a big, dirty no-no in the world of all-naturals. I felt betrayed, like the company tried to slip it past me behind the shiny, pretty, mango colored label.

The Verdict: Parabens? Epic fail.

My Choice: Kiss My Face by a long shot. Plus, if peaches aren’t your thing, they have a large selection of other scents, including Honey and Calendula and Lavender Shea.

Stop by next week for my take on all-natural toothpastes. If you have any suggestions for future posts, or you’re curious about a kind of product, leave a comment.