Feel Great

Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks

Happy Love Your Body Day!

(Courtesy of nowfoundation.org)

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Society today, most notably Hollywood and the diet and cosmetic industries ,work hard to define what each of us perceive to be beautiful. They work tirelessly to promote an image of beauty with impossible standards to measure up to. They pushwomen to turn to constant dieting, cosmetic surgery and impossible workout routines. These negative images define our perception of beauty and make women today feel insecure and inadequate. Why? So you will purchase all kinds of unnecessary products and make these companies wealthy.

Wednesday, Oct. 20th is National Love Your Body Day. This day is an awareness campaign in an effort to banish insecurities and to remind every woman that she is beautiful. Take this week to remind yourself that feeling beautiful isn’t limited to one day—it’s every day!

Eighty percent of women in the United States are dissatisfied with their appearance. As many as 10 million women and girls suffer from anorexia and/or bulimia, in the United States alone. There are multiple reasons that women develop eating disorders, and the root of these problems stems from insecurity. The little voice in a girl’s head telling her that she doesn’t measure up, that she isn’t good enough.

Not just today, but every day: LOVE YOUR BODY. If you need a little help reminding yourself, take some tips from the NOW Foundation:

Ways to Love Your Body

  1. Indulge on your own terms. Whether it’s fresh veggies from the farmer’s arket, or a pint of Häagen Dazs Vanilla Fudge ice cream, loving your body means loving your taste buds every once in awhile. Go ahead, give in to that craving!
  2. Stretch your mind and body. Yoga—gentle yoga that encompasses relaxation and a healthy lifestyle, as well as meditative yoga—can bring you to the consciousness of your unique inner being. Yoga can rejuvenate the mind and body and teach you how to care for yourself.
  3. Read. It can be a source of entertainment, a means to catch up on current events, or an educational tool. Several books have been published on loving your body—get some new ideas!
  4. Throw a private party. It worked for India.Arie and it can work for you too. Take a day for yourself and yourself only. Turn off your cell and log out of your instant messenger. Just spend the day looking in the mirror and exploring your body. Once the celebration is over, you’ll realize that you learn something new everyday.
  5. Laugh out Loud. This isn’t just an Internet acronym spelled out. It’s an action that will do your body some good. Don’t be afraid to show the world your smile. It’s contagious.
  6. Have safe sex. Loving our bodies is about keeping them healthy and free from diseases. And besides, there’s nothing like getting a two-for -ne on Love Your Body Day.
  7. Spend time with your family. Whether it’s a pet or partner, your spouse or a sibling, quality time is a must-have in nurturing relationships, which in turn nurture and love your body.
  8. Listen to positive music. Develop the perfect theme song for your life—it can do wonders for your body esteem and your overall outlook.
  9. Find a creative outlet. Everyone needs a medium to express daily stress and frustrations constructively. Maybe you’re a photographer, writer, poet, or all three. Maybe you can knit, make shapes out of clay, or finger paint. Loving your body is also about loving your mind.

Hollywood, the fashion and beauty industry, all of the fad diets out there: forget them. You have the power to change the definitions. Create new definitions of what health and beauty are; redefine what you think sexy is. The time is now. Together, we can fight back.

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