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In The Gym: TJ Warren

by Lauren Teng, blogger

WHAT: Tone and build your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and arms while strengthening your core-—just be sure to keep your knees over your toes and your head up, this freshman triathlete advises.

HOW: TJ starts his workout with 10 to 15 reps at the T bar row, then grabs a 35-pounds weight to start his lunge/squat series.  Arms raised overhead, shoulders pressed down and chin parallel to the floor, TJ situates the ball of his right foot on a workout block and keeps his left firmly planted forward.  TJ lunges into his left leg while engaging his lower abs to keep his pelvis under his shoulders and lower back aligned.  After eight reps in this lunge, it’s on to a conventional squat—with the weight now held parallel to the ground just under the chin with elbows close to the body and pointing straight down to the floor.  Another eight reps here before switching to lunge with the right leg.  Finally, take it to the squat again but switch up the arms so you’re holding the weight flush against your upper back with upper arms by your ears and elbows up to the ceiling.  Start again with the T bar row. Do three to four sets like TJ or adjust your sets and reps as well as your weight for what works best for you.  Challenge yourself, but be safe; too much weight and poor alignment can do damage to tendons, ligaments and joints and put you out of workout commission. Don’t forget TJ’s simple yet important tips: knees over toes, nothing past ninety degrees, and keep that head up!


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