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Friday Mashup

by Marcy Franklin, Online Editor

Happy Friday! Check out the links below to get the latest (and quirkiest) health news. (And have a happy and safe Homecoming Weekend, SU!)

Cue the Ke$ha lyrics—turns out, SU researchers have found, love really is a drug. (The Post-Standard)

Ever feel stumped by food labels when grocery-shopping and what’s really hiding in your favorite treats? Good news—the FDA is developing a proposal that will answer your questions about trans fats, calories, and sodium lurking in the ingredients. (New York Times)

Learn which iPhone apps to download to meet your weight loss goals, and which ones you should skip. (CBS News)

As if you need another reason to skip on the McDonald’s—one woman experimented with a Happy Meal and found that the popular burger and friends didn’t decompose for six months. McDonald’s has claimed the photos to be misleading, and that the burger and fries must be in certain conditions to grow mold. Check it out on Flickr. (Gizmodo, Flickr)