Feel Great

Yoga Isn’t As Twisted As It Looks

by Ashley Wandishin, blogger

Yoga may be a recent trend among many of your female friends, but studies prove that it isn’t a fad—it’s a real health benefit. A variety of researchers suggest that yoga is beneficial to those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It encourages better mood, concentration and physical well-being. Yoga not only includes stretching and moving the the body but also a variety of breathing exercises.

Beginneryogaexercises.com is a great site for beginners with a variety of moves and articles tailored to what you want yoga to be for you. It has a ten-minute morning yoga as well as better posture position exercises for your health that could be done in the classroom. That may not seem like yoga, but it is! It doesn’t have to be those convoluted movements seen on television. Start small and notice the difference!