Cheers and Jeers

by Laura Jungreis, blogger

Cheers to…

Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food Campaign, whose reach is extending to Syracuse. The goal of the campaign is to brand snack-packs of baby carrots as normal, everyday treats.  Fayetteville-Manlius High School in Syracuse will be one of two high schools to try a pilot program that will put baby carrots in vending machines.  Check out the fun, interactive website at

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, who is transitioning into using all fair trade ingredients.  Eggs, for example, will all be cage-free by the end of 2010, and milk will come from farms that do not inject their cows with growth hormones.  See all the other great initiatives at their website.

Jeers to…

Wegmans, for selling reusable shopping bags loaded with lead.  The bags, made in China, were found to have eight times the legal amount of lead allowed by New York law.  Over 750,000 of the contaminated bags have been sold.  The bags have been deemed safe for consumer use, but the company and its publics remain worried about the potential environmental impact the final disposal of the bags will bring.  Check out Wegmans’ press release here.

Forest Laboratories, who illegally marketed their antidepressant Celexa.  The pharmaceutical company distributed the drug for use in children without properly disclosing information to the public about negative test results.  Forest will pay a criminal settlement of more than $313 million.  Read what the FDA has to say about it.