Healthy Monday: Free Ballet Dance Class

Healthy Mondays: Free Ballet Dance Class

by Briana Palma, feature blogger

This Monday, learn to plié, jeté and relevé (and brush up on your French) by checking out Healthy Monday’s free ballet class. Though it comprises graceful and soft movements, ballet is an intense workout. As a former amateur ballerina, I know first-hand that it involves the entire body – arms, legs, core and more.

If you need proof, look at any professional dancer, male or female; they are incredibly toned, strong and agile. Every time I go to the ballet, I sit in awe at the pure athleticism of those on stage. Of course, professionals spend countless hours in the dance studio, but everyone, even athletes, can gain something from this kind of recreation.

About five years ago, the Queens Park Rangers, a pro British soccer team, worked-out with the English National Ballet. The soccer players learned stretches and techniques that could help them improve their game. And, they even made the playoffs that year.

Healthy Monday offers a different free fitness classes every Monday in Archbold Gymnasium’s Flanagan Exercise Room from 1 to 1:50 p.m.


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