Super Bowl, Super Foods, Super Healthy


by Claire McFarland, blogger

Most of us know the traditions of Super Bowl Sunday: chips, dip and the occasional keg tap. Has your Super Bowl Sunday menu have you you feeling sluggish and guilt-ridden, rather than energized for the week? Let’s go through a ‘game plan’ so the next time you’re watching the big SU game or the Super Bowl, you know how to handle these scenarios and apply these simple substitutions to ward off feeling too hungry, too full or too slow the next day.

Situation #1: You’re at home watching the game. You’re a little hungry, but it’s not quite mealtime. You need something to take the edge off. A salty, crunchy, bite-sized snack is in order. The first thing that comes to mind is grabbing a few handfuls from the bowls of chips laid out on the coffee table.

Game Plan: Instead of the heavier, often fried potato chips and dip, opt for some popcorn! Air-popped (not microwave) popcorn is a whole grain, so there is your fiber. Let’s face it: No one wants to eat popcorn without that yummy butter flavor. Before you melt it down, consider using a butter alternative or experiment with topping your popcorn with black pepper, paprika or another spice instead of salt. This is the perfect healthy snack that will satisfy your crunch craving before dinner is served.

Situation #2: Half time approaches and the rest of your friends arrive with casserole dishes and pre-made SU cookies. Everywhere you turn there are carbs: between the creamy broccoli bake with onion strings and the cheesy penne, it can be difficult territory to navigate.

Game Plan: Everything is great in moderation! According to the Mayo Clinic online, everyone needs a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates and fat to have a healthy balanced diet. Try picking up a smaller snack plate and spooning a lesser portion of each dish. For dessert, check out the serving size and try to stick with that. This way, you get a little bit of everything without feeling stuffed or deprived!

Situation #3: Game’s Over. If you’ve hosted a Super Bowl party or a SU watching party, you may have leftovers that could fill your cabinets for weeks. Although most of them will stay fresh in the fridge or tied with a twisty, consider clearing out the clutter and feeling better as a result!

Game Plan: Make sure your guests go home happy. Try to send everyone home with at least the dish they brought, if not more. The chips and snacks can be divided into little bags for party favors that guests can bring home. If all else fails and everyone refuses due to a sugar-induced coma, try bringing the leftover bags of chips to a local food drive for those in need. For your good deed, make sure to keep one or two of those basketball cookies!

It Isn’t A Gallon of Ice Cream Anymore…


by Erica Fisher, blogger

Do you remember in days back when girls used to eat their sorrows in a good gallon of Ben and Jerrys? It doesn’t seem that is the case anymore!

Kerry Katona, a very well-known actress, singer, and television presenter in the U.K, has introduced something known as her ‘Divorce Diet’. Think of it as a healthier option for the bad break-up.

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Snack away! Health eating habits boosts your metabolism


by Emily Borgeest, blogger

It’s getting late in the day; you skipped breakfast, had a quick lunch on the go, and now all that’s on your mind is dinner. You’re trying to eat healthy, maybe even lose a few pounds, and in your mind you’re planning out the perfect dinner. But after a day of skimping out on food, you’re ravenous.

Not eating all day causes you to overeat at dinner, and to eat too quickly. Breaking these bad eating habits is important if you wish to achieve optimal health and maintain a healthy weight.

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