Meet the Staff


Allison Milch

Allison is a freshman majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics at Syracuse University. She is a blogger for What the Health Magazine and is a member of the Nutrition Education and Promotion Association (NEPA). When she’s not studying in her room all day, Allison likes to go to the gym, sing, hang out with friends, and enjoy the scenery of campus.


Liz Tosi

Liz is a freshman Communications Design major in VPA and a blogger for What the Health Magazine. Her passion for art is influenced by her love of mental and physical well being. Originally from Plymouth, MA she loves being outdoors experiencing all of the seasons New England has to offer. From working out to working in a bakery, she finds balance in life between everything that she loves. 


Melissa Espinal

Melissa is a junior psychology and magazine major minoring in writing at Syracuse University. When she’s not blogging for What the Health, she is the PR Chair for the Student Health Advisory Committee and works way too many nights at the Gap. Melissa loves to make life extremely positive, and tries to celebrate her friendships and blessings each day. She is a self-proclaimed idealist, yet she truly enjoys delving into the depths of the human psyche. 


Jessica Levy 

Jessica is a freshman advertising major in Newhouse. She is a blogger as well as a photographer for What the Health. She is also a member of Habitat for Humanity and University Union at SU. When she’s not doing work for classes, Jessica likes to hang out with her friends, work out, and go to SU sporting events.


 Tammy Hong

Tammy is currently a freshman double majoring in History and Art (through Arts & Sciences). She’s a blogger for What the Health; fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese; and is currently learning Spanish at SU. Her interest in nutrition and exercise stem from playing competitive basketball for seven years.

What the Health Print Staff

Editors in Chief: Alexa Voss & Paige Carlotti

Managing Editor: Madysan Foltz

Senior Editors: Kaitlyn Hobson, Camille Bachrach, Jocelyn Delaney, Caleigh Gran, Morgan Chamberlain

Assistant Editors: Leah Fagen, Christina Tiberio, Meghan Walsh, Camille Bachrach

PR Director: Madison Davis

PR Assistant Director: Daniella Kohan

Social Media Directors: Samantha Breault, Sara Gatcomb

Photo Director: Laura Palladino

Design Director: Beth Fritzinger

Web Editor: Marisa Malanga